Enabling Agility in Organizations
Our mission:
Enable our clients to learn, innovate, succeed.
We help our clients attain a state of self-sustained agility by helping them develop the ability to rapidly experiment and learn, develop great products, and quickly respond to opportunities. We coach teams, managers, and executives, and deliver Agile and Lean training and coaching.

Our 3 Main Goals

1. Focus on Outcomes and Impact

Companies everywhere are adopting new practices and approaches but not realizing the gains anticipated. We help clients focus on results over "methodology" adoption.

By focusing on outcomes first, we strive to ensure that every incremental change introduced has a significant impact that can be measured. Our focus on buildling problem solving capabilities and encouraging experimentation and learning ensures that future changes made will lead to better results for our clients.

2. Holistic Approach

We help client succeed by:
  • Helping them adopt a "whole systems" perspective of the organization
  • Advocating an incremental approach to improvements over a riskier push for wholesale revolutionary change
  • Renewing the emphasis on people and their development over an unhealthy focus on tools and processes
3. Self-Sufficiency

We believe that our primary goal is to bring the client to the point of self-sufficiency and to make ourselves unnecessary as quickly as possible. We believe that long term dependence on coaches works against client’s becoming truly agile and prevents them from succeeding on their own in the future. We value working with our clients in ways that leave them more capable of continuously improving free of outside consultants. As such we emphasize developing client capabilities (over simply delivering projects) swiftly.

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